Moriches Bay Historical Society History

    The Moriches Bay Historical Society as steward of the Historic Havens Homestead is a not for profit corporation established in 1966 to preserve and restore the Historic Havens Homestead, establish collections reflective of the Moriches Bay Area and educate the general public about the area’s history.

In 1965, the last direct descendent of John Havens died. In 1974 Robert S. Pelletreau, a cousin heir to the estate gifted the Homestead to stewards with intentions of forming the Moriches Bay Historical Society (MBHS). Pelletreau sold the 260 acre parcel the house stood on to a condiminium developer who did not want the Historic Homestead, so the stewards accepted the project of getting the home moved north across CR80 to a 1.06 acre parcel, placed it on a new foundation and set up occupancy.

By 1980 the developer failed and as luck would have it the Suffolk County Department of Real Estate purchased the 260 acre parcel for $17,000,000. now known as the Terrill River Suffolk County Park Preserve, Havens Estate Nature Preserve, for all to enjoy. 

FOUNDERS: Moriches Bay Historical Society

AUGUST STOUT JR. b.1911 d.1978

August Stout Jr., a former Brookhaven Town Supervisor, founder of the Moriches Bay Historical Society, Rotarian, Architect of the original Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches, worked vigorously on the Moriches Inlet Stabilization Committee, and author of two books on local history. “Pictorial History of the Moriches” and “Pictorial Memories of the Moriches Area” 


HARRY W. HUSON, b.1898  d.1990

Harry W. Huson, was Principal of the East Moriches School for 37 years. He was interested in local history and was a founder of the Moriches Bay Historical Society, and Curator. In 1930 he established a Parent Teacher Association, was active with the Boy Scouts, Salvation Army and the  East Moriches Fire Department. In 1980 he wrote the book “Some Family Events That I Remember”  

These two men were instrumental in establishing the Moriches Bay Historical Society, as steward of the Historic Havens Homestead.  They orchestrated the negotiations with Robert H. Pelletreau to gift the land (c1967) and Havens Residence, to the communities of the Moriches Bay Area, for the preservation of the Homestead, local objects and disseminate/preserve local history. 

They were also members of the Moriches Rotary Club and helped develop the Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, a camp for handicapped children.

Now 50 years later the organization is going through a healthy restructing, wisely looking forward to our communities needs as the role of a Historic House Museum and Resource Center.