We are the Moriches Bay Historical Society

      Tirelessly dedicated in preserving our area's history,  because we see the importance of preserving and protecting the Moriches Bay Area's most significant historic properties for now and future generations to come. We love our corner of the world and we love this place!!!

           Our Members:

Bert Seides : President 

Tom Cardoza: Vice-President, Shop volunteer, Handyman, Membership 

Bob Romano: Co-Chair PR Committee, Shop, Events 

Linda Stucchio: Membership Committee, Events

Lori Silverman: Shop volunteer, Events

Kathy MacLeod: Corresponding Secretary, Events

Alexandra Lalli: Membership Volunteer, Events

Margaret Hanley: Shop Volunteer, Events, Head of Tin Barn Sales

Brooke Venable: Co-Chair PR Committee, Website